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Access Policy to the Surface Physics Laboratory of the Department of Atomic Physics (DAP) of BUTE

The Laboratory of Surface Physics is available for all industrial partners and research groups with equal opportunity and with the conditions below

1. Acess mode

1.1. The instruments available for our partners are operated by our qualified personnel. Exceptions:

  • Researchers of proper qualification participating in long-term cooperation can work individually after preliminary training, according to the agreed work schedule
  • Qualified guest researchers of proper qualification, who are visiting at BUTE for more than 3 months can also work individually, after preliminary training, according to the agreed work schedule
  • Undergraduates and postgraduates after mastering the curriculum can also work individually under the supervision of our personnel

1.2.The request of access has to be initiated personally, by phone, mail, fax or e-mail at the Department Head or Head of Laboratory.

2. Pricing

Our pricing depends on the type of work to be performed

2.1 Complex research in materials science and technology or optics.

Individual price based exclusively on the tasks, with preliminary considerations, contract and schedule
The price includes the following expenses:

  1. Hourly1 net price for department personnel (researchers or engineers) - HUF 10,1000 / person
  2. Usage cost of instruments - see Section 2.2
  3. Cost of the necessery materials
  4. Running expenses

2.2 Hourly prices1 for Renting the Instruments2 Without Personnel

Surface analytical instruments (SIMS, XPS, AES) and SEMHUF 150,000
Layer deposition instruments (electron beam evaporation and sputtering) with layer characterization (spectroscopy)HUF 120,000
Optical instruments (spectroscope, ellipsometer, interferometer) and roughness measurement (Talysurf)HUF 100.000

1 The smallest unit of time is one hour. Every hour started is considered a whole hour.
2 Prices do not include VAT and the price of necessary materials.

2.3 Use of instruments free of charge


  • The user belongs to the personnel of the DAP and needs the instruments for his own research, including the Ph.D. students of the department. In this case a work plan approved by the head of department is needed.
  • The user cooperates in the framework of a contract, financed by an agency project (EU, NKTH, MAG Zrt.) with DAP.
  • The user is an undergraduate and works according to Section 1.1.

3. Other conditions

3.1 Paid services over HUF 250,000 (Sections 2.1 and 2.2) are available after the contract is signed, those below HUF 250,000 after the purchase order.

3.2 If the intellectual capacity of the laboratory is also requested (Section 2.1), the contract must contain usage terms for the scientific results achieved and intellectual property rights too.

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